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As Lieberman points out, “Guys are notorious for saying the wrong thing, especially when they are feeling awkward, nervous or pressured.” More than anything, you should be cautious when a guy seems a little smooth.

“Any guy who knows the right thing to say before he even knows you should send up warning flags,” Doares says.

“Unless you can do the same, you have no ground to stand on,” Doares says.

“Even if you can remember everything he tells you, including the minutiae of his favorite sports team or video game, you are setting him and your relationship up for failure.” You and your guy naturally don’t have the same levels of interest in all things, and it’s fine if you’re more attuned to what you’re interested in.

“If he forgets your birthday or something that’s important to you, such as where you want to go to grad school, where you were born or that your parents are divorced, this is not a good sign,” Lieberman says. Sure, you didn’t tell him you were upset that he had to cancel your date last Friday night, but he should just you are… You may think that people can read you like a book, but you can’t always expect your guy to read you correctly.

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) and that—as much as we hate to admit it—we’re not exactly perfect ourselves.

Guys should be willing to help you out, but that doesn’t mean they should always take over and take care of everything for you.

If you appear confident in your approach and be direct with your intentions you’ll have no problem picking up girls. Chatting up girls can be the most nerve racking experiences imaginable. Confidence is largely perceived non verbally, so it’s important you communicate this through your body language and voice tonality. It will only make a girl anxious and wanting to end the conversation. Whether you’re meeting a girl or going in for the kiss, YOU have to be the one pulling the trigger. You must be bold and prepared to put your neck on the line for women.… continue reading »

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