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25-Oct-2017 08:59

A bit of sand at the bottom to trap microbubbles for nucleation.

My Livescribe pen is repaired, I replaced the display.

I originated this glass-melting trick back in 2003, as part of our monthly science/crackpot "salon" here in Seattle.

Lots of microwave physics "unwise demonstrations" for the high school classroom. Just about finished updating 300-400 pages here, making them squishable for phone, to avoid the Google Mobile-geddon.

Then break the vacuum seal on your pressure chamber and the white plume winks out.

Or another: dump some Mentos into some water which has a bit of dish detergent.

So, just do the "hot chocolate effect" acoustic demo, but rather than dumping powder into hot water, instead dump Mentos(tm) into cold.

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We can use the same idea that Edison used for his first industrial products: the Gramme Dynamo.

Here's other tests besides flame polishing: with the Mentos in water, rapidly lower the air pressure by about 50%, and note that the invisibly small bubbles suddenly grow large enough to easily be seen as a white plume.

(Works well by using a "wine bottle pump" vacuum plunger thingie.) The candy surface spews out invisible "smoke," and we can make it become visible.

And even the 120VAC types vanished from All Electronics.

But suddenly some Chinese company has them again, and they're all over e Bay for about each!No film footage, so the odd phenomenon and Vonnegut's discovery was ignored until now. Recent rumor I've heard: safety flashers in the building will disrupt phone communication for hundreds of feet around. These are the ones with incredible detail, like sitting through a 2hr movie, a movie backed up by man-years of scriptwriting and research.

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