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I gave him a pissed off look in return, to show him that I wasn't going to do this. "So, Brian, I was talking to my cousin Megan yesterday." Ron came out with. "Okay, I'll do it." Mike put the remote where the chips were and we started playing. And the only way was to put one foot down on each side of his knee. Her skirt still covered everything fine, but I knew that Mike was there feeling her bare vagina stretched around on his leg right there!! Ask her to put two of her fingers in there, along with Megan's four fingers. He also was giving suggestions to the director, on positions and angles and such, much to Scott's annoyance.

Ron checked to see if Lisa was still in the kitchen then leaned over to us and said "Just tell her to do it and we'll see if she's a robot or not. Ron looked at me, like he was waiting for an answer. Ron asked "So, if I win she has to do what I say, just like she does what you say? She was mad, especially at me, but I could fix this later, but I couldn't fix her knowing about Megan, so I acted like I wanted her to do this. He obviously wanted me to shrug my shoulders again, to show her that I approved, so I did it. Then, as she was about to leave the room, he said, he was just joking, and he would rather just have her sit with him for good luck in the next hand. After a minute or so, he said, "You can just sit down here." and he put his knee out. I know that she was about to tell him to go to hell and Ron would eat his words about Lisa having no mind of her own. Lisa could no longer keep her balance, and had to put her feet down. " So crazed was Lisa at this point, that she honestly didn't know what she was saying. Andy, while the others were having their fun with Lisa, moved from one camera to another, making sure that each one was getting the best shots possible.

I still had no clue as to what they were doing, and surely she wouldn't agree to be video taped wearing that t-shirt! He then turned up my stereo until it was blasting, and left. His mouth was still right next to her ear, still talking to her. She walked over, turned around, and started to sit on his lap. #10, Lisa." Lisa looked down on the ground, the looked back at my monitor. I had never done this with her, and now she was going to do it with Ron, first! She was so drenched with sweat, that her butt just slowly rode down onto his shaft, until she was fully seated on his lap, with his prick fully impaled in her ass! " With his penis in her ass, She started moving her hips in circular motion, fucking him! Mike grabbed the paper, put it in her hand and said, "#11" She slowed down in order to read it and said, "I need another dick in me." With Ron already in her ass, Carl moved in front of her, standing still. By this point, Lisa had passed out again, but no one bothered to revive her.

Carl came back into the living room, and turned the tv on, which was now set to show the camcorder in the card room. "Here." Carl said, and he put my other camcorder on my entertainment center, pointing it at my crotch! I yelled back at him, but he couldn't here me over the loud music. Then she asked Ron, "Okay, so if he goes soft, then that's his signal that we are to stop? He was now pounding her as hard as he could, and asked once more, "You like my big cock fucking you, don't you Lisa? She must have been just trying to say what he wanted. she looked at the monitor yet again, and then slowly sat down on Ron's lap. He spread her legs wide, so that we could all see and then ordered her, "Now, fuck me Lisa! I couldn't see anything now, except for her head, because of Carl's back, but he started pumping away. " I wished that they would just let her orgasm, so that she would stop acting like this! The men watched as Danielle took to servicing Lisa, and were fascinated as Danielle licked up what seemed to be gallons of cum from the now passed out Lisa.

She discovers this has all been done to her to get revenge on her older sister but it is already to late for poor Lisa. It's true that I am proud of how she looks, and sure I might have told her to wear something flattering, because a few of my old buddies were coming over, but Ron was reading way too much into it. Lisa started to get up, but Ron said that she should stay there. I couldn't say anything because of he would tell Lisa that I cheated on her with Megan. Tell her to put that one in as well, and to leave all four of her fingers inside of you. The teens, on the other hand, were able to get their cocks hard again quicker, as well as go more times, but were not really able to hold off cuming so quickly, as the older men had learned to do over the years.

"Must be nice to have a robot to do everything you say! Why doesn't she just make up her mind that this is too far! Lisa pinched herself hard one last time and put down her arms. She still hasn't touched her breasts for awhile now, but her nipples were even more erect now. "But, you haven't touched them for a few minutes now. He told her that she was going to put a sexy show for her husband and he wanted to make sure that I didn't touch her. " "I love having this big dick in me." Lisa replied. Each of the men had already dumped two loads into poor Lisa's cunt and ass hole making her a very sloppy fuck, but no one was complaining.

I don't see you accusing me of showing off my clean carpets? I mean she's here every time we come over, and always wearing something like that! Sometimes she takes criticism for doing everything I say, but I really value that old fashioned loyalty. Ron was supposed to tell me what was up with his cousin Megan. "You're right, I would want a girl to do everything I said too." Ron replied. I like that t-shirt a lot, because its tight and sexy, but the point of having no bra is to see some nipples through the shirt and I don't see anything. I'll give you through the next hand to fix that, or you'll just have to take off the shirt. I'll just ask you two questions and if you answer them truthfully, then I wont ask you to do anything for the rest of the round, you can just sit where you arer and watch the game." "Fine, what? He was still slowly lifting her up and down on his knee. " "I guess it's a little more than a little, whatever! Even though she didn't want to admit it, Lisa just told my friends that she was very wet from doing this in front of them! Now, ask Megan to put one of her fingers inside of you. Already the men were a third of the way done, each having cum in one of her holes.

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