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For many years, Gawthorpe was considered a separate hamlet, but in 1866, it was joined with Ossett and South Ossett to become Ossett-cum-Gawthorpe.Above: Picture of High Street, Gawthorpe circa 1911, showing the now defunct High Street stores (later Gawthorpe Post Office) and to the right of the shop is the Boot and Shoe public house.

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There was still a good selection of shops in the village during the 1960s and 1970s, with a busy Co-op store, a post office and general store. It is as if the heart has been taken out of the village, largely caused by the modern trend to shop in out-of-town supermarkets.

Much of the community spirit in the village has disappeared with the closure of all the local shops.

The construction of the Ossett bypass, which snakes obscenely through the very southern edge of the village has destroyed some of the ancient charm of Gawthorpe.

There was a free tea and the "A public notice invited the ratepayers of Ossett and Gawthorpe to partake of a free tea at the old schoolroom to commemorate the raising of the Maypole.

Precedence to be given to ladies over 50 years of age.

On putting in an appearance, we were cordially welcomed by two of the Committee at the door, who were distinguished by wearing satin rosettes.