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Example: text contains: 1 000,00 I double click to select all the text: I then press '1' on the keyboard.The result is that the cursor is now placed at the left of the '1', so if I wanted to write '1234', it would look like '2 341' instead!If you want to mask the input of a password, use password.When using Textbox questions, often times you'll want to validate the data your respondents enter.I am using VS2010 and have Masked Text Box and set the mask in properties for Time(US).

Show() in For a textbox with decimal, I have found and error.

The bug is hidden when the default settings of Range Min/Range Max are used. -- Set Range Min to 1.1.2000 and Range Max to 1.1.2005 (problem is hidden when you used for Range Max).

-- Try to enter 10.1.2001: You cannot Typing the first 1 immediately changes it to 01.

NET 2.0 and has no effect on the default values anymore. But since the default text values (like "text Box1") aren't suppressed anymore, there are issues in the Minute and Second properties in Time Behavior: Change the get part of the I have an error in compile for "Use Unicode Character Set": c:\vc\Frm Avi\Frm Avi\Validating Edit Source\ams Edit.cpp(494) : error C2665: 'CAMSEdit:: Masked Behavior:: Symbol:: Symbol' : none of the 3 overloads can convert parameter 2 from type 'int (wint_t)' c:\vc\Frm Avi\Frm Avi\Validating Edit Source\ams Edit.h(211): could be 'CAMSEdit:: Masked Behavior:: Symbol:: Symbol(TCHAR, CAMSEdit:: Masked Behavior:: Symbol:: Validation Function, CAMSEdit:: Masked Behavior:: Symbol:: Conversion Function)' while trying to match the argument list '(char, overloaded-function)' Help me, please I use VS 2003. Had to make a few trivial modifications to get rid of FXCop warnings that were coming up on build: - in AMS. If you try and bind to the actual output properties of the Numeric Text Box - that is to say, if you bind to Double, Int, or Long - then the parsing behavior still assumes that the calling handler wants a string.


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If you use Numeric Text Box and set the Digits In Group to more than 0, you mite have noticed a random "Value cant be equal to -1 error" or sometimes it even says -2. To handle this, I changed Handle Binding Parse in Numeric Behavior. This should never be a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).