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For example, in multi-class classification, each instance may be assigned multiple labels; in open-class classification, the set of labels is not defined in advance; and in sequence classification, a list of inputs are jointly classified.To enhance your experience at Sexcamly, we have added a huge range of free features, many of which are exclusive and include: To access the full range of features, broadcast your own live webcam, and use the text chat, we ask users to complete a quick signup process and create a 100% free account.This is simply to verify that you are over 18 and to categorize your live webcam broadcast.# "17s" indicates that we're searching line 17 # ".*" indicates that we want to change the text of the entire line # "REPLACEMENT-TEXT" is the new text to put on that line # "PATH-TO-FILE" tells us what file to operate on sed -i '17s/.*/REPLACEMENT-TEXT/' PATH-TO-FILE # replace specific text on line 3 sed -i '3s/TEXT-TO-REPLACE/REPLACEMENT-TEXT/' Yes.. @[email protected] Hari this answer does not work if the text before or after the search string has anything in it besides A-Za-z0-9.

Our requirement is to replace entire line with ' This line is removed by the admin.' if we found the key pattren ' TEXT_TO_BE_REPLACED'. It fails if there is an equals sign, as Jens pointed out.At Sexcamly, you can even browse live free cams by age, region, and status.