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08-Jul-2017 11:45

You can apply Hot Fix 1 to Paradox version, which is included in certain editions of Word Perfect Office X5.

To find out which version of Paradox you currently have installed, click Help The Word Perfect Office IFilter for 64-bit systems is a program that allows multiple search engines to index and search within Word Perfect and Quattro Pro document formats.

Word Perfect Office X7 Service Pack 2 will update all previous releases of Word Perfect Office X7 (GM -, SP1 -

The build number after the service pack is applied will be

Released: 2010-05-04 This patch updates Corel Home Office to Build 5.0.89.

Released: 2010-05-04 This update requires your previous version of Perfect Authority be uninstalled prior to installing 1.5.

Important: If you have customized your option sets, your changes will be lost.

If you don’t have admin rights and/or you’re not sure how to obtain administrator status on your Windows systems, you will need to seek assistance from a knowledgeable local source.

They are not only bug fixes, but most of the time they introduce useful and valuable new features, thus expanding the capabilities of still further.

So, it is definitely worth making it a habit to regularly check for the latest releases.

You can only apply Hot Fix 1 to Paradox Runtime version, which is included in certain editions of Word Perfect Office X5.

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Issue This update includes a key fix for Word Perfect® Office X5 Paradox®.

Release Notes Released: 2012-11-20 Word Perfect Office Service Pack 1 offers support for Windows 8.