Whos dating lebron james

27-Jul-2017 12:14

The protagonist, a young guitar player, dreams of making it as a musician.

Instead, he’s confused for a criminal, a man whose hallmark is a weapon-laden guitar case.

It’s fair to ask why someone with his abilities, a player who has spent the last year proving himself in the basketball hinterlands, finds himself on the outside looking in.

West doesn’t know why he can’t get a job in the NBA.

Why did the Cavaliers falter in Le Bron’s final playoff run with the team?

The day after Cleveland bombed out of the postseason, an email began to circulate among sports fans.

Frisco, a well-to-do bedroom community, has tripled in size as families with children move farther from the city, and those kids are the Legends’ key demographic—hence the bouncy castle a few yards from the court.

Robert Rodriguez’s film is about a case of mistaken identity.West, who signed with the Legends a few months before, is easily the most famous player on either team.