Updating of security procedures definition

16-Nov-2017 12:41

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Data center operations include all automated and manual processes essential to keep the data center operational.

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A process element is the fundamental (e.g., atomic) unit of process definition and describes the activities and tasks to consistently perform work.(See the definitions of standard process, process architecture, subprocess, and process element in the glossary.) The organizational process assets may be organized in many ways, depending on the implementation of the Organizational Process Definition process area.Examples include the following: Related Process Areas Refer to the Organizational Process Focus process area for more information about organizational process-related matters.The set of standard processes may also be tailored for each of the organizations business areas or product lines.

Thus the organizations set of standard processes can refer to the standard processes established at the organization level and standard processes that may be established at lower levels, although some organizations may only have a single level of standard processes.

Data center operations refer to the workflow and processes that are performed within a data center.