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Once everyone has performed, switch items and reassign teams. Learn to crochet There is bound to be a few people in your ward that would be great at teaching the basics. Photography Have someone come and talk about elements of taking better pictures: composition, lighting, backgrounds, etc.

Invite them all (more adults = more one on one for the girls that need it). Let them practice with their phones :) BONUS: send them around the building on a photo scavenger hunt You can bundle up and head out in the cold December night OR surprise your friends and neighbors with a Christmas in July visit.

I asked the girls 10 questions, edited the answers together, added some music, some photos of the girls with their mothers when they were younger, and played it for all to see. Each group is in charge of coming up with an activity and running a "booth", whether it's a cake walk, fishing for candy, face painting, The girls invited the "mature" adults in the congregation to bring something from the past that meant a lot to them.

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Most of these host companies also provide a nice marketing bonus (Google, Yahoo and MSN certificates for Pay-per-Click traffic), the control panel for your website, the ability to host multiple websites on one account, My SQL databases, emails, antivirus protection and much more!They also were asked to talk about family traditions that they participated in or had been passed down through their families.