Spain sex with women

04-Jul-2017 23:52

There were 25 individual rooms on the top floor and Marina was given room 12: a number that is burned into her memory forever.

That first night she slept in the room where, for the following two years, she would go through hell.

"It's the cheapest method and the traffickers are looking to reduce costs".

Up until then, Spain's brothels had been filled with Latina women.

She attended to a minimum of four men each day but on some days there were as many as 15.

The trafficking gang kept almost all of the women’s earnings and paid to rent the rooms from the Spanish owner of the building. At the break of dawn she jumped out of the window of her room onto the patio below, climbed over a fence and ran.

"That's the process here and now 60% of the women prostituted in the brothels in Spain are from Romania", says Nieto.

"The women only get a few euros to buy cigarettes and little else".

In the past the Romanian sex trafficking gangs, according to inspector Nieto, were "in thrall to the bigger Russian mafias", traditionally the most dangerous and violent criminal organisations in Eastern Europe.