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But, when dealing with athletes and pride, there’s always more: “I feel like if I would have kept training for track I’d have a chance (to beat Bolt), but I play football and he runs track, so it’s totally different,” Johnson said.

“I think I could still probably beat him in the 40 (yard dash, a common measure of NFL speed).

Hayden Leslie Panettiere was born on August 21, 1989, in Palisades, New York.

Her father, Skip Panettiere, was a lieutenant in the local fire department, and her mother, Lesley Panettiere, was a soap opera actress.

Panettiere, who is dating Mc Knight, defended her man on Twitter after the Jets released him this week. When asked by someone on Twitter if Mc Knight was cut, the actress replied, “@cscsco no, released bc of his injury.

The show aired on ABC until 2016 when it was cancelled and then picked up by CMT.However, along with Panettiere's sudden celebrity came intense media scrutiny of her personal life.At age 16, Panettiere was photographed at a dance club with celebrity heiress Paris Hilton, causing some to speculate that she would become the latest in a long list of child stars turned troubled teens.Apart from the world of acting, Panettiere is also an animal rights activist.

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In 2007, she participated in a dramatic protest against Japanese dolphin hunters, joining a group of activists who swam out into the ocean, placing themselves between the dolphins and fishermen in an attempt to stop a hunt.

"It was definitely eye-opening, seeing shantytowns," she recalls.