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However quite a few items are left out of the options requiring one to still manually add or change a few items.

These are listed on the page referenced above but here is that list: * Registration Server * Password Quality Scale * Set Internet password * Internet address * Internet Domain * Format * Mail server * Mail file template * Mail system * Mail file name * Mail file owner access * Set database quota * Set warning threshold * Certifier ID * Security type * Certificate expiration date * Store user ID in Domino Directory or File * Add users to selected groups * Local administrator * Add Windows User Accounts Also note the expiration date for IDs should be changed here if you like to provide a bit of longer term ID life.

When set, this value could modify or override other user attribute values.

Refer to the Domino documentation for more information.

See Table 2-1 for information about the files that you must copy and their destination locations on the Oracle Identity Manager server.

Enter the name of the host where the connector server is running. You create an IT resource for the Connector Server in Section 2.3.6, "Creating the IT Resource for the Connector Server." Specify to disable user accounts in the connector. When you disable a user account, the user automatically becomes a member of a Deny Access group.

If you are using Oracle Identity Manager 11.1.2 or later, you must create additional metadata such as a UI form and an application instance.

In addition, you must run entitlement and catalog synchronization jobs.

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The ones marked Placeholder are for the semi colons which MUST be after each entry or instead of an entry.To clear content related to connector resource bundles from the server cache: In request-based provisioning, an end user creates a request for a resource or entitlement by using the Administrative and User Console.

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