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Her three inch heels brought her up to almost his, six foot height. The small ringlets spun down to her shoulders, framing the stunningly attractive Celtic features of her face.He didnt know beans about shoes, except to know that these would probably cost him a weeks salary. A light sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks gave her a remarkably youthful appearance.Possessing a keen memory, the images kept flashing through her mind.Each time, they seemed to freeze on the look of pure ecstasy on Melanies face. Not the fact that her husband was unfaithful, rather that he had introduced this tart to their private games. She thought, hands involuntarily tightening on the wheel.Her nose was small and pert, her lips full, but not cosmetically so. Numbers were discussed, to which she didnt bat an eye. Glancing at it, Drummond noted that it was substantially higher than the agreed upon price.

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Poor bastard, he thought, hes never going to know what hit him. The pictures showed Maxwell Walston mounting a stunningly gorgeous, platinum blonde, in a room at the Biltmore. Her arms were raised over hear head, held there with silken cords lashed to the headboard. Come to think of it, I wouldnt kick her out of bed either.These kinds of cases usually fell into three categories.1. They would insist that some mistake had been made.2. The client would swear bodily harm upon the guilty parties.3. Dignified had been the word that popped into his mind when hed first met Andrea Walston.Not ritzy or high class, those terms missed the mark. She had smelled of money, yet wore none of the trappings.Hesitant at first when the topic had been raised, it hadnt taken long for Andrea to become a willing participant.

Being raised to always have a tight rein on her emotions, the act of being bound had actually proven to be a source of freedom.

Updates for this one will not be as frequent, as it is a work in progress. Edit (04/17/2011): Sorry for the much too long delay in continuing this story. Chapter 1The detective stared across the desk at her, considerately remaining quiet.

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