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He took a job at The Lakeview and became chummy wit Alison again, but when he learned of her porn history, couldn't let it go.

He decided to go back to Seattle because he couldn't get past it but Holden convinced him to stay. Sofie Duran arrived in town and took a job as a waitress at The Lakeview.

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* Aaron was shot during the poisoned jewelry affair. * Aaron runs a nightclub in Seattle but he has returned to Oakdale to reconnect with Alison. That union produced Aaron, who was later adopted by Iva Snyder, Holden's adopted sister.

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He convinced her to fight for her baby but it was too late - the adoption by Will and Gwen Munson had already been finalized. She called Aaron for help but when she learned that he told Will and Gwen where she was, she turned on him.Goutman, who will direct the location shooting, said the story came before the "Catch Us If You Can" promotional opportunity."We knew these kids had to be on the run, because one of our young teens is accused of a crime he did not commit and he thinks the only way to handle it is to take off with his girlfriend," Goutman said.Alison decided to go to nursing school; Aaron encouraged the idea but Alison had a hard time with her grades.

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When she told him that Chris was helping her but then stopped, Aaron convinced her to file sexual harassment charges against him. Chris won the case, though, because Alison's grades were bad before he interfered.

Aaron was raised by single-dad Holden through his younger years.

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