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As long as dates are shown available then you can make a trek booking.We have included recommendations below, as a guide as to when to make a trek booking Departure date: December 2017 - book by end of October 2017 January 2018 - book by end of October 2017 March 2018 - book by end of October 2017 April 2018 - book by mid October 20 - book by end of September 2017 June 2018 - book by middle of October 2017 July 2018 - book by end of October 2017 August 2018 - book by middle of November 2017 September 2018 - book by end of January 2018 October 2018 - book by the end of April 2018 November 2018 - book by end of June 2017 December 2018 - book by end June 2018 If you can only depart on a certain date then try to book well before the recommended dates given above.

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The good news is that virtually everyone in the last few years who started the trek finished it ! A4: There is no government restriction on the age limit for the Inca Trail.

We require that all of our trekkers over 64 years old hire the service of an extra half porter (6kg).

Trekkers over 64 years old must also consult with their doctor prior to starting the trek to check that they are suitably fit to participate.

In a heartbreaking case of child abuse, a nine-year-old girl in Peru has been impregnated by her stepfather.

The child is more than five months pregnant at this time and the stepfather is on the run from authorities.The stepfather fled the house before he could be arrested by authorities and is now a wanted man.