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View letter 'Wage revision in respect of unionized workmen is decided by trade unions and managements of CPSEs in terms of guidelines issued by the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) for wage negotiations.' Read More BSNL CO has proposed an arrangement where transfers of employees will continue to be considered as per extant norms, executives working in non-Territorial and Specialised Circles (as indicated in the enclosed list) shall, henceforth, be preferably rotated/transfered based on the recommendation from their respective Circle Heads, or as per administrative expediency, within the same category of Circles in accordance with tenure provisions as prescribed in BSNL Transfer Policy.

Read More 'A five-judge Constitution bench will examine the limited issue as to whether the 2006 verdict delivered in M Nagaraj and other versus Union of India was required to be re-looked at or not.' Read More 'All the senior officers of Department of Telecommunication who are on ‘deployment’ in BSNL, holding major managerial positions in BSNL & its field unis and responsible for the Ups & Downs of BSNL, have already got their pay fixed in revised scales as per the recommendations of VII Central Pay Commission with 14.2% fitment benefit w.e.f. All of them draw their higher pay and perks from BSNL and BSNL’s affordability to pay was not at all an issue for them.

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BSNL CO has circulated the list of 221 e-APARs still pending for reporting and 338 e-APARs pending for reviewing and has extended the last date for reporting and reviewing of APAR for 2016-17 till 9.12.2017 and respectively.Later, the unions and associations which signed an agreement in 2012 for 'defering the arrears' went voiceless when Do T in its order dated 10.6.2013 said "No arrears will be paid".Keeping silent for four years and raising the issue now smacks of deception.Another demand, which was not at all discussed in the meeting held on , has now been added - settlement of left out issues of Second Pay Revision - as if to make a mockery of the employees.

As far we know, arrears of 78.2% fitment for the period from 1.1.2007 to 9.6.2013 and replacement of E1A and E2A pay scales are the two pending issues.

If BSNL employees are denied the revised pay with 15% fitment benefit, it will result in an unprecedented discrimination against its own employees vis-à-vis those who are under ‘deployment’.