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It was said unthinkingly, a hangover of a society that, as a certain Always advert riffed on, associates doing things 'like a girl' with doing them badly, and a symptom of a music culture still dominated by men.This undertone persisted with the annoyance of an elusive ground hum in almost every studio I would go to – it was often unnoticeable and, on the surface, people were usually polite.I could give plenty of examples of overt sexism I encounter on a daily basis.I could write about the times people have mansplained guitar amps to me, postulated that women are intrinsically less capable of grasping music theory, objectified me at work and then told me I should not have risked making my boss feel awkward by calling it out.By the front door hung a picture several feet high of Roman Polanski, near to which was a similarly imposing image of Woody Allen.It struck me that these men had something in common; they had been in the news in relation to sexual abuse. Or perhaps this juxtaposition manifested something more significant. The studio had a theme: this is a place for men to be comfortable, to be wonderful; where men may abuse people, even, and still be lauded. I contemplated how it might influence the two women who were recording, that day – and, ultimately, their music.

I also thought of the research suggesting that feelings of being sexually objectified deplete confidence and inhibit cognitive focus.I could tell you about the time I was working as a live sound engineer setting up for a gig when a piece of gear failed; a random guy walked over and said "hey, I have no experience in sound but I could try to figure out what is wrong if you want." Seriously?!Would anyone go up to a car mechanic at work and say this?Two groups were given a spatial ability test; the first had been exposed to a negative stereotype, the second group a positive one.

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Those in the second group performed 14% better than those in the first.Among the many I have spoken to about all this, themes around the nuances of studio environments which discouraged them and reduced autonomy over their work cropped up with striking regularity.