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16-Nov-2017 22:56

“Not all sex offenders are the same, and it is usually a mistake to treat them as if they are,” says Cantor.The legal category can includes a wide range of offenses — from public urination to child molestation.That’s an extreme example — one signaling the need for registry reform above all else — but it’s also true that there are important individual distinctions in terms of the risks of re-offense.Until we have more definitive evidence on these differences — which would require hard-to-come-by research funding — Cantor says, “These people would best be treated on a case-by-case basis: An offender who used networking sites as part of his offense would be banned, but offenders using them for pro-social purposes, such as participating in support groups, would be encouraged.” After all, these days so much normal social interaction happens online.

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“If you’re convicted of a crime and you serve your time, there are very few things that extend beyond that — like some states have felony disenfranchisements and that sort of stuff,” Robson explains.

It isn’t just that Cantor disbelieves in such broad and ineffective restrictions but also that it might backfire.