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It's now a convenience to obtain your pet registered at a close to by hospital and to take it over there for normal checkups and in case of an urgent emergency. Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! The story wasn't boring and it's really refreshing too see the cute couple. Please make it like 16-20 episodes for the next time. This story is one of the best Japanese dramas I would recommend... recently i have watch a lot of kdrama so mybe i kind of expect jdrama to be like kdrama. Thanks 1,000,000 and please carry on the gratifying work. I hope it's a long one so I can enjoy watching it to the longest. I am honestly kind of infatuated with him......^___^ but what an interesting drama and to find that the lead girl has this big secret and that she knows about our lead!!!

The majority of the individuals don't concentrate on the care from the pets and they just want t o keep pets with out any care. And That's so true that the chemistry between makoto and toru really greaat. I JUST REALLY WISH AND I HOPE THEY WILL MAKE SEASON 2! It's a great story that contents a slice of life, give people some moral value about betrayal, greediness and faithful. but i realize both are different in a special way.. This drama really worth to watch Love this drama although im always watching kdrama but when i saw the title i thought it's interesting but i now LOVE this drma and i feel hooked to it, so this is my first jdrama and it's awsome. Cant wait for ep 7 and i really hope Hyuga and Natsui will have a happy ending.wo I watch a lot of dramas be it Thai, Korean, or Chinese, but I rarely watch Japanese dramas. This one however will mark my 4th Jdrama: first was "Gokusen," followed by "Hana Kimi," and "Hana Yori Dango." Yeah I've got this thing for Shun Oguri. The leads have great chemistry and I love Oguri's hair and that suit towards the end...effin gorgeous!

Somewhere Inou Mao is screaming no fair and yelling “hey, that’s MY exclusive territory to toggle between these two guys”.

She rolled into Lucky 7 right from finishing , which turned from weird odd family rehabilitation drama with roboty housekeeper into a 40 ratings juggernaut that hasn’t been seen in years in dorama land.

Oguri and Ishihara had both appeared in the 2005 NHK Taiga Yoshitsune before but did not actually act together thus this is the first time they are doing so.

This is also Oguri's first Gekku drama since Tokyo Dogs three years ago and his first drama appearance since he got married to Yamada Yu.

He dropped out of high school and formed software company Next Innovation with his friend Kosuke Asahina (Arata Iura). Today, Next Innovation is the top tech company where young people want to work the most. Makoto Natsui (Satomi Ishihara) is in the 4th year at prestigious Tokyo University, but she still has trouble in finding a job. One day, Makoto sees a magazine featuring an interview with Toru Hyuga.

However, Toru has trouble recognizing the faces of people and he is looking for Chihiro Sawak, who is his mother. She goes back to her apartment and does research on his company Next Innovation.

Meanwhile, Aibu Saki plays an upcoming chef Yoko whose brother Kosuke is the joint owner of Toru's company.

I'm kinda confused though with her real name, in the first ep, her classmate called her Haruka but she introduced herself as Natsui Makoto as the relationship chart on the official site states.

This would be my 2nd Japanese Drama to evr watch if things gets permissible, 1st was during the" F4" fever, being a self confessed KDrama addictus, im normally sooo with KDrama wid no time & care for other dramas being aired some where, out there in the universe but after stumbling into RB PW wonders of wonders...a Japanese drama got me totally hooked :) It has the same feel and possible ingredients of a K Drama but in a different taste, wholly unique on its own...

29-year-old Toru Hyuga (Shun Oguri) is a wealthy man.

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He first started to run an internet website from his small room and his hobby began to make Toru Hyuga a lot of money.Makoto then attends a presentation for new recruits at Next Innovation. This is romance, career, personality, friendship, family - all rolled into one!!