James franco dating ahna o

18-Aug-2017 15:25

''Obviously you have to be a little apprehensive on some occasions but usually it's all very natural," he added.While for the most part the actor keeps his personal life private, Franco faced criticism earlier this year after seemingly flirting with a 17-year-old fan on Instagram.His parents belong to different cultural backgrounds. He got a lead role on Freaks and Geeks, however, the show was not hit and canceled after one year.

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The 127 Hours actor, who’s currently doing a Ph D in English at Yale University, blames his studies for the breakdown of the 5-year relationship.He said that he was only interested in a friendship with the girl and many people thought that the incident may have really been a way for him to promote his film .After the incident the actor says he shied away from women and dating even more.Since then Franco has stayed single and said that he doesn’t know how to act around women and sometimes gets very shy.

He added that he is working on getting his confidence back, but just isn’t comfortable with asking a woman out yet.‘We’d been living together in LA, came to New York to go to school for 2 years, then I signed up for more school at Yale,’ says James, 33.