Aaliyah dating she died

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“I started putting together an army—Kanye, Cam’ron, Beanie, the Diplomats.

I figured Jay gave me time to prepare.” By 2004, Def Jam had offered to purchase Roc-A-Fella Records and install Jay as its CEO.

They even accidentally targeted the cooking show host Rachael Ray, mistaking her for Rachel Roy.

After hours of online vitriol, Roy posted the following message: While Roy did bring some of this backlash on herself by posting the image/caption in question, the punishment did not fit the alleged crime.

And because all good stories involve a love triangle, another rumor claims both Jay and Dame were fighting for Aaliyah’s affections, which Dame ultimately won. “We developed a real friendship before [dating], but there was always apprehension because other people would try to get at her first.

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“It was just a situation where Aaliyah was the type of girl that would give you a shot. Furthermore, since Jay was planning his retirement after The Black Album, Dash was plotting his own future, rounding up a stable of artists he’d discovered.“At a certain point, I got ready to depend on my other artists,” Dash later told New York magazine."She was the only girl that got to hang out with my homeboys on the level of a homeboy," he said."It was like being able to be with your homeboy and your girl at the same time. We just generally had a lot of fun together." Dash said that although they were not formally engaged, he and Aaliyah had planned on getting married. As soon as she had time, we were getting married — like after 'The Matrix,' " he said.The love triangle was never confirmed or denied until now because, apparently, Dame’s going as ‘Chatty Patty’ for Halloween. He knew her before I did.” That would explain Jay and Aaliyah looking cozy in a couple of TBT pictures that had people slut-shaming a deceased singer. The 44-year-old reconnected with old flame designer Rachel Roy, and Jay ended up meeting a curvy bombshell named Beyonce Knowles.

The aging maverick spoke to Hip-Hop Motivation about his relationship with Aaliyah and revealed that Mr. Dame further explained that Aaliyah was pretty cool in the sense that she would let guys shoot their shot.

“Beyoncé also confronted Rachel and said, ‘Don’t talk to my sister like that,’ after [Rachel] confronted Solange.”Roy has since been painted as the thirsty side chick scamming on Beyoncé’s man—she was Ali Larter in Obsessed—while Jay Z was the tempted, happily married husband, reduced to a meme-ified punchline.