Who is ian watkins dating

22-Sep-2017 01:43

Watkins, 36, was brought up in south Wales by step-father and Baptist minister John Davies, 53, and his mother Elaine, 60, after his biological father died when he was a child.The pair could not face going to court yesterday, when their son was described by the judge as a "dangerous sexual predator" after he admitted 13 offences, including attempting to have penetrative sex with an 11-month-old baby. Every one of us is completely and utterly devastated.” Watkins’ younger brother Daniel, 24, said he used to be proud to call the Lostprophets star family, saying: “When I was in high school it was awesome.“The police said he wouldn’t think twice about hanging you or anyone else out to dry, why are you bothering, why would you want to stand by him? Because it gives me an opportunity to seek some healing in a very broken family.” Meanwhile, the judge at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday said the mothers of the infants Watkins abused had committed the “greatest betrayal” by exposing them to the paedophile.The accomplices, named only as Woman A and Woman B, were jailed for 14 and 17 years respectively.Mr Justice Royce said: "That you were manipulated by Watkins may be obvious, but you were a mother. He also acknowledged her guilty plea to the six offences she had been charged with.

Ian "H" Watkins (born ) is a Welsh singer, dancer and stage actor, known for being one of two male singers of the British pop group Steps.

She also pleaded guilty to sexually touching the child.

In mitigation Woman A's barrister Jonathan Fuller disputed an argument by Watkins that she was as equally responsible as him.

But she was ditched by the disgraced rock star when she fell pregnant by another man.

After her relationship with her child's father broke down, though, she got back in contact with Watkins - and his manipulation of her became even more sinister.

"She sacrificed her own moral compass so she could sustain a relationship with a man she was obsessed with. He also said her "coping mechanism" while on remand had been to self harm.