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According to Angela Mc Shane Jones from the University of Warwick, it was quite common for women of the 16th Century to bare their breasts in public.

It was also quite common during the era leading up to the French Revolution.

They don’t fit with our ideas of what and how people should look and act.

Quite interestingly, here in this country, there is a problem with bare boobs.

They empowered some women to use their sexuality.”…” Contrary to popular opinion, the women of the Regency/Empire period were not the most modest individuals.

Life was not all Jane Austen, who, BTW, appeared to be involved in a long-term lesbian relationship, spending summers at the shore with her friend.

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He included the story as the final chapter in his book, Imposters.

Stoker had heard persistent stories that a coffin had been discovered by a clergyman at Bisley during the early 1800s, with the skeleton of a girl dressed in Tudor finery, even with gems sewn onto the cloth.