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21-Jun-2017 02:08

I suppose they could fire-bomb the warehouses of my various publishers—something I wouldn’t put it past them to attempt. True, the overwhelming majority of blog posts are scarcely worth preserving within the covers of a printed book (even a self-published one, as this one shall be); but of course mine are different.

But unless they take such drastic action, I fear they will be irksomely subjected to repeated instances of my inveterate competence. I am now in the process of assembling a thirty-sixth book, and it could appear as soon as early next year—nothing less than extensive selections from my blog! I may even try to get the book ready for the holiday season, so that diligent shoppers can bestow it upon their loved ones—although I suppose that for my enemies this would be equivalent to a piece of coal in their stocking.

This process of editing took quite some time, and I am rather proud of the result.

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I am not sure whether Amazon allows you to “peek” inside the book, but here is the table of contents: In most cases, I have not reprinted whole blogs, but spliced together individual segments of various blog posts so that the development of a given title or topic are arranged in sequence so that the progress of a given project, or the course of a given discussion, can be read consecutively.

It is a somewhat complicated grammatical point having to do with the “partitive genitive” (look it up, folks).

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