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I don't really think the hospital did a very good job of explaining to me what had happened. Its so early days, literally just a few weeks pregnant. Second GP was excellent, immediately contacted hospital to start asking about what care I should have right from the start. But I really feel like I need to be on the ball with asking the right questions and demanding the right levels of care. Really, I just wanted to ask you ladies, for those of you that have had second pregnancies after Hellp, do you have any advice or recommendations for things I should be asking the drs / midwives for as part of my care? xx Hello, welcome to the board and congratulations!!How often should they be testing my urine or bloods? I developed the pain in my ribs at 27 weeks with my 1st son and was told by mw it was hearturn until 34 weeks - i had been in agony. 2nd time round i started having crippling headaches at 8 weeks pregnant and saw a wonderful gp for an emergency appointment who spent 45 minutes with me phoning round hospitals trying to fnd out what she should do....Insane sex scenes and really kinky adult fetishes in a wide number of special fuck videos online.Whether residential or commercial moves, our well trained staff strive to keep your belongings INTACT from start to finish.Aside from that i had extra growth scans every 4 weeks from them and kept seeing my own mw every 2 weeks. My platelets did start to drop again at about 27 weeks and at 34 they were below 80 and i was prepped for surgery again but for some reason they stabilsed and i did go to term.It was surreal lying with all these doctors sunning round me shouting about a girl with HELLP for 2nd time. i had a bleed and the gp wouldn't check my babies hb or my bp as she didn't have time. Will keep you posted, Helen xx Hi, I know how you must be feeling, it is scary being pregnant for the second time after HELLP. I woke in the night in extreme pain that was sending my body into shock.

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Stick to your guns, question everything and if you not happy with what they say, see someone else. That really is so helpful to know what happened with you in your second pregnancy, and also you have given me lots to think about in terms of what care I should be getting / asking for. We were so lucky that the hospital picked it up straight away.

Was labouring really well but all of a sudden at 8cm dilated a blood test detected my platelets had dropped to 24 and suddenly every thing was going wrong.