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Smoker, Flash, Uh-Bluh, Dumbass, Casanova, Donna Lover, Dopehead, Math Whiz, Double-O Forman, Rainbow, Mr. Smart Mouth, Porky Mouth, The Spindly-Armed Devil, Maverick, Scrawny Little Neighbor Boy, Honcho, Diligent Eric is the youngest child in a family of four, consiting of his strict, war-vetran father, Red Forman, his doting mother with impending separation anxiety, Kitty Forman, and his promiscous, troublesome older sister, Laurie Forman.

Eric is the front-man and ringleader of the circus, but is rarely respected.

AKA Julie Fiona Roberts Born: 28-Oct-1967Birthplace: Smyrna, GAGender: Female Religion: Hindu Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: Pretty Woman As a child, she was Julie Roberts, mocked for her string-bean physique, thick glasses, and toothy grin.

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Eric also beats a Green Bay Packers fan up during a game, after he insults Eric for wearing a Chicago Bears jersey, which has Red proudly comment that his son has the "Forman Rage".

She described Bush as "embarrassing", and said, "He's not my president.

Forman, Foreplay, Forehead, Foreskin, Erica, Zitty Stardust, Opie, Archie, Little Orphan Acne, Dr. He also becomes the foster brother to his best friend, Steven Hyde, after Hyde had been abandoned by his own mother.

In adolescence she switched to contact lenses and bloomed to beautiful, and to match her new look she asked friends to call her "Julia" instead of "Julie".

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After high school, she moved to New York and spent a few years modeling, selling shoes, and working at an ice cream stand.

He has worked at the fictional Fatso Burger, Price Mart, a dog food factory, and at the Holiday Hotel as a waiter.