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To broadcast, open the game you would like to play and say "Xbox Broadcast." You can also start the broadcast inside of the Twitch app.

To stop your broadcast, use the voice command "Xbox Stop Broadcast."Streaming from a PC isn't nearly as easy as it is on the PS4 or Xbox One, but it's nothing you can't handle.

It can be a bit more complicated to use, but this guide from Twitch will help you get started.

The hardest part about streaming isn't setting up the software, it's building an audience. That's why I spoke to current game streamers about what new users could do to build an audience.

As is the case with streaming on the PS4 and Xbox One, you will also want a camera and a stable Internet connection, in addition to a headset with a microphone.

There are a variety of programs available for broadcasting your gameplay, but I found the easiest way to stream is using a software called XSplit Gamecaster.

The Xbox privacy settings must be set to Adult before you can begin broadcasting your own gameplay.

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In fact, Twitch gaming streams generate more traffic than HBO Go.

The first thing you will want to do is sign up for a free account over at

You aren't required to have an account to watch or comment on streams, although you do get more features by signing up for one.

The company charges a monthly fee for a premium license, which opens the door to more features.

Without the license, your HD streams will include a watermark of the company's logo and your frame-per-second will be limited.All you need is the console, a Dual Shock 4 controller, a game to play, a stable Internet connection, and a Play Station 4 camera, which will allow others to see and hear you. To start, press the Share button on the controller while playing a game.