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Based on the tremors that followed the test, NORSAR estimated it had an explosive yield of 120 kilotons. But South Korean officials gave a more modest estimation, saying that Sunday’s bomb had a yield of 50 kilotons.Whatever the explosive yield, the device was undoubtedly powerful, and the test offers the first hint that North Korea could be more developed in its nuclear program than previously thought.On the eve of a general parliamentary session scheduled for November 5, 1605, Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, found... Roosa, is successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a manned mission to the moon.On January 31, 1917, Germany announces the renewal of unlimited submarine warfare in the Atlantic, and German torpedo-armed submarines prepare to attack any and all ships, including civilian passenger carriers, said to be sited in war-zone waters. On February 5, after suffering some initial problems in docking the lunar and command modules, Shepard and Mitchell descended to...North Korea carried out its most powerful nuclear test to date on Sunday, claiming to have developed an advanced hydrogen bomb that could sit atop an intercontinental ballistic missile.The bomb used in the country’s sixth-ever nuclear test sent tremors across the region that were 10 times more powerful than Pyongyang’s previous test a year ago, Japanese officials said.The Soviet Union’s first Mc Donald’s fast food restaurant opens in Moscow.

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Los Angeles prosecutors announce that they will retry teacher Raymond Buckey, who was accused of molesting children at the Mc Martin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California.The Mc Martin trials had already taken over six years and cost more than .5 million without a single guilty verdict resulting from 208 charges. On this day in 1953, flooding in the North Sea kills more than 1,500 people in the Netherlands and destroys 1 million acres of farmland.

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