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I got the young woman's name and number and gave her a call to set up a meeting. I explained this to Rachel and she insisted it was ok.

I came home late that night particularly annoyed and stressed. She then insisted on removing my coat, and my sweaty shirt after that.

This made her nipples perk up on her petite breasts. I was sitting at the table still in my suit and the inside of the house was indeed sweltering. I suddenly felt her hands on my belt buckle and snapped back to reality.

Her shorts clung to her skin revealing a sexy camel toe. I looked down at my plate and began eating to avoid letting my mind running wild.

We both laid there holding each other as we drifted to sleep. First, did I really cum inside of this delicious young goddess and was she on birth control. "If we are going to do this however, how will you tell your parents? I will start bringing my stuff over today if that's ok." She said with a huge grin. Seriously readers, the support and feedback is fantastic and I am excited to keep writing.

I thrust a couple more times to ensure all of seed was deep in her pussy, as though it belonged there, before I collapsed on the bed next to her. If we are going to continue like this, I think its ok of you call me Dean." I said with a chuckle. I am excited to keep writing and to let this story develop!

She went on and on about how great she was and how nice she was, so I figured what the hell. I called a repair service to come out but they said the earliest they could make it would be the following day. "I'm sorry Rachel, but I am old enough to be your father! "But you aren't my dad." She whispered as licked my ear and proceeded to run her tongue along my neck until she found that sensitive spot right below my jaw. " Her screams turned into unintelligible moans of pure joy. I would have been concerned if not for the smile on her face. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she broke the kiss at the same time. With desperate lust and a need for cock in her eyes she said eagerly "I need your cock now Mr. Finally I was all the way into her tight, hot little hole. I watcher her face as I shot my load into her mouth. I looked down to see her viciously finger her pussy with one hand. After 3 or 4 more orgasms she started whispering in my ear.

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Rope after rope, my thick jets of cum shot into her young and eager mouth. I saw her smile as she sat there with a moth full of cum. After she had recovered from the hottest orgasm I had ever witnessed she stood. Not only was she not wearing a bra, but no panties either. She looked up at me with undeniable lust in her eyes and told me exactly what I wanted to hear. Her nails were digging into my back as she was cumming yet again. Once she did, I smiled as I began to work my cock in and out of her tight little pussy. I started to continue to fuck her through her orgasms, picking up speed and fucking her harder after each orgasms subsided. So if that is your thing, please read, rate, and give me all the constructive criticism possible. After losing my wife I never had much interest in dating, even if I did find the time. It did a terrific job clinging to all the right areas to show off her sexy young body. She had ice blue eyes that were striking on her pale white skin. I immediately felt a stirring in my pants, but quickly worked to suppress my urges. Then, instinctively, I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

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