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It was the pair's second date in a week - on Sunday they sat side-by-side during a basketball match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.The stars first met while filming the upcoming ensemble romantic comedy Valentine's Day, where they shared an on-screen kiss.Taylor has also stated that, during preparation for his role in the Twilight films, he discovered ...came across something the other day that got me thinking and made me realize it’s been FIVE years already since Breaking Dawn (the book) came out (2008 – which is within a week or two of the time I went from ignorance of sparkly vampires to #Normal… Seven is the year where Nahuel (the other half-breed who swooped in and saved the day from the Volturi, but we know will not get the girl (Nessie)) said it was around that time where he stopped his warp speed growing and became full-grown/adult and stopped aging/changing. So what does that mean for our favorite Wolfman and Halfvamp couple?? Was there as much animosity between Nahuel and Jacob as there was between Edward and Jacob because of their fight to win Nessie’s affections? We that happened a few times.) Have Jacob and Nessie gotten their own place and started a family of half-half vampire-half-human-half-werewolves (quick now that she’s an adult but hasn’t quite stopped aging, making yet another sub-race of mythical creatures… And apparently they’ve decided to settle in Minnesota because I have proof of their setting up shop here. I imagine they have some nearby, remote (for the inlaws to visit w/o issue of course) forest-swathed home somewhere between the two shops where they call home. You know, maybe I’ll find myself in need of a good mechanic some day and chance the questions of why I’m taking my car WAY out of my way to take it to that particular shop to have it fixed. Not literal meaning I really thought I found proof fictional characters actually exist. TJE’s Current Obsessions: Learning new words and trying to incorporate them colloquially. Finding the next book that causes an abnormally Normal obsession. Last year she dated Jonas Brothers heartthrob Joe Jonas before he broke-up with her for Camilla Belle.

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And for Twilight star Taylor Lautner and country singer Taylor Swift it looks like things are starting to get serious.

The teens were spotted enjoying a romantic dinner at the Chris Steak House in Beverly Hills last night.

The actor, 17, who plays who plays Jacob Black in the hugely popular vampire movies, emerged from the restaurant with his arm affectionately wrapped around the 19-year-old and they were all smiles left in his white Audi.

For a brief, glorious interlude in 2009, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dated each other, giving us all the chance to bask in the idea of Taylor, squared.

Alas, as most celebrity relationships are wont to go, it ended after plenty of media coverage, and in keeping with her brand, it inevitably spawned a song on her album, co-stars, Lea Michele and John Stamos coaxed Lautner to open up about how he really felt about his time with Taylor and more importantly, what he really thought of the song she wrote about him.

there are other characters who I think would have a lot of voice in those coming stories.’ We can all now live in hope…