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Too many helpless mentally ill people with no where to turn.

Read a lot about the importance of surrounding the person with bi-polar with the best team of professionals.. My son is off medication as it made him depressed, sluggish and had suicidal thoughts, doctors not really concerned, it has been 12 months and he's going well but am dreading the onset of another mania..

Communication between friends/loved ones and those with manic symptoms is key. “Give me my space and don't take anything I do or say personally. “Try not to get offended, as I get a wobble gob and have no filter!

Before instituting some of the tips below (such as calling one’s doctor and taking away their phone and credit cards), make sure you have permission to do such when a manic or hypomanic episode occurs. I feel awful for being irritable, but can't help it at the moment.” – Pamela H. I often say things I later regret or hurt people's feelings by telling them the truth.” – Claire T. It's better for everyone, as I can become angry and agitated with every word of kindness given.

It seems impossible to get him under the care of a competent psychiatrist.

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Every other day with some new grand idea or invention. Or self-medicate with alcohol or working out.)” – Rachel S.Hi Trish, bipolar disorder varies a lot from person to person, and there are also different types of bipolar.So it's possible that you could have bipolar disorder even if your symptoms are different from someone else's.I can't help but read a lot of these and shake my head.

Let me point out a few things I've learned over the years.

“Call my psychiatrist; make me an appointment; drive me to the appointment. “Remind them to slow down and maybe call [their] doctor.” – Marc D. Remind them about their medication “When I am struggling, my friends and family ask if I have eaten and when, they also ask if I have taken my meds and literally bring them to me if I haven't.” – Stephanie B.