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03-Sep-2017 20:39

It’s this time of year—when sweater weather is in full effect—that we find ourselves turning into enthusiastic moviegoers, spending the weekends catching the latest flicks and filling up on popcorn.Only this time around, it’s not so much what is on our must-watch list, but rather, who.“I ended up wearing these flared jeans and a white shirt and some clogs,” she revealed. I think he really understands how a woman wants to feel in a dress.And it’s always a moment as well.” Jil Sander dress; Tome turtleneck (similar style); Jordan Askill Take Me Home Necklace (price upon request); Melissa Joy Manning Trapezoid Silver Hoops (); L Frank ring; Carven Chelsea Boots (0).Of the experience, Bamber tells us, “I’m Jake Gyllenhaal and Isla Fisher’s daughter.Getting to watch such experienced people work is always something that’s interesting to me. And Isla is a lot of fun; we would make playlists to get ourselves in the zone.” When it came to perfecting India’s Texas accent, however, Bamber had to rely on an outside source.

He was also super lovely and ridiculously handsome.” Writer’s Digest: “I’m working on my second short film, and I’m basically writing it for myself.

For me, I watched Sissy Spacek in Naturally, we had to inquire about her experience working with Tom Ford, who, we learned, gave her the nickname Barbarella on set in response to her go-to L. outfit: silver boots with a white T-shirt and cutoffs. Bamber recently attended his S/S 17 show in New York and later wore one of his dresses—a sultry black number—to the film’s Venice premiere.

She laughs as she recalls stressing over her outfit upon meeting the designer/director.

It’s a really amazing experience; it’s been empowering, and actually really helpful for acting, to see it from a writer’s point of view.

That’s what I’m doing in my spare time, which has been really interesting.” Masculine Feminine: “I kind of like boyish and androgynous style and how French women dress, like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.So once I figured that out about Krista, I really connected with her.” State of Mind: “I think when I was in high school, in my heart of hearts I knew what mattered and what didn’t and what was right and what was wrong, and I just never listened to it as much.