White guys dating hispanic

17-Sep-2017 09:08

And this one has just finished appointing the most nonwhite, nonmale cabinet in American history. Suddenly white American males are surrounded by feminists, multiculturalists, P. policepersons, affirmative-action employers, rap artists, Native Americans, Japanese tycoons, Islamic fundamentalists and Third World dictators, all of them saying the same thing: You've been a bad boy.A black female poet read at his Inauguration, welcoming everybody to the party-"The Asian, the Hispanic, the Jew/The African, the Native American, the Sioux/... Keep up with this story and more White guys should have realized things were starting to slip at the time of the Clarence Thomas hearings, when Anita Hill testified about being sexually harassed and the white male senators looked like a bunch of oinkers who just didn't get it.On the other hand, in the words of sociologist and men's activist Michael Kimmel, "they feel like they're getting it from all sides."The white male used to be (as Ralph Kramden put it) "the king of the castle"; now he's the ogre."We still have the power," says Washington-area computer-software editor Neil Froemming.Although there are often many differences between them, Latin women and white men that get married usually also have similarities -- whether it's religion or their family upbringing.Most importantly -- they always have love for each other.Hispanic women and white men as interracial couples is not a topic we read about often, yet these relationships are often filled with passion and devotion.

Before we all nod in agreement that it's twilight time for white guys, we should take another look at the faces on America's currency and in America's Congress.But "Falling Down," whether it's really a message movie or just a cop film with trendy trimmings, pushes white men's buttons.