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Vests and skins were normal for us too - 1960s grammar school, boys only.

After getting used to taking off underpants and communal showers vests and skins were something of the reverse to what most describe.

I also attended an all boys school in the 80s and always wore a PE vest for my first two years.

Then when I was 14 it all changed, we were put into sets instead of classes for PE, which meant larger groups of boys and vests against skins teams.

Most wore white and as you say it was easy to check to see if pants were being worn.

However some wore blue or black so pants were not easily detected.

Actually I noticed it more at the start of each PE lesson.

For about the first 10 minutes I'd feel very conscious of how I was standing there completely stripped to the waist and wished I could put my shirt back on.

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I was conscious of feeling very exposed and I think some of the other barechested boys felt the same.

Showers were only ever cold and icy in winter but we just got on with it, it was the norm and plimsoll or worse still cane on icy cold and wet bottom was definitely to be avoided.

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