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Fender offered a variant in 1958—the Volume Tone Pedal, which offered the standard front-to-back-rocking-movement volume control a side-to-side-swiveling tone roll-off control.

This pedal also remained in the line basically unchanged until 1984, and it too reappeared in reissue form in 2008 as one of the five Fender Classics effects pedals.

White Tolex with a wheat grille became available in 1962; black Tolex with silver cloth, black panel and white knobs in 1963.

A solid-state unit appeared in summer 1966 even though the solid-state amps introduced concurrently all had reverb.

The Custom Tweed Reverb appeared in 1995, with tweed covering to match the concurrent reissue tweed Bassman amps, chrome control panel and black pointer knobs.

The first of these was the Fender Volume Pedal, introduced in 1954.The less-than-spectacular success of Fender’s first experiment with solid-state amplifier technology in 1966 is well documented, although it is perhaps worth mentioning that this experiment also extended to outboard effects, namely, that year’s Solid-State Reverberation Unit.It was intended to replace the tube reverb unit of 1961, keeping the Hammond spring design but exchanging the tubes for transistors. First, the new solid-state amps it was styled after all had their own built-in reverb (except for the single-channel Bassman), so there was no reason to use the unit with those amps.The 1961 prototype was covered in brown Tolex, with a leather handle, brown knobs (“tone,” “mix” and “dwell”), flat Fender logo and a Tolex-covered front panel rather than grille cloth.

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The production model had wheat grille cloth in place of the front panel; a second option was white Tolex with maroon grille cloth and white knobs to match the piggyback amps and the Twin.

Teagle and Sprung note that the Dimension IV was cool sounding but temperamental, writing “These little boxes are wonderful—if they work.