Mercurial close branch without updating

10-Oct-2017 02:19

Mercurial’s documentation tends to be more complete and easier for novices to read.Mercurial’s terminology and commands are also a closer to Subversion and CVS, making it familiar to people migrating from those systems.So, of all the supposed advantages of Mercurial, only the learning curve stands, and I already explained, it’s not that strong of an argument.IMO Google made a bad decision; it was a matter of time before Git resolved the issues they listed, and in fact Google could have helped to achieve them.Mercurial is Python based, and the official distribution runs cleanly under Windows (as well as Linux, Mac OS X, etc). Git requires periodic maintenance of repositories (i.e.git-gc), Mercurial does not require such maintenance.You don’t need your SCM to be designed specifically to disallow your developers to do something (in fact rebases are also possible in Mercurial); this should be handled as a policy.If you really want to prevent your developers from doing this, it’s easy to do that with a Git hook.

So, let’s start with Google’s analysis where they compared Git with Mercurial in order to choose what to use in Google Code.For example, git-push –force can result in revisions becoming lost in the remote repository.