Dating a hooters girl

27-Oct-2017 02:45

Just in case you live in the general vicinity and youre looking for a restaurant with eye-popping ambiance and a half decent American cuisine. But trust me shes just being modest, trying to get the attention off her chest and onto her budding singing career. As far as the rest of her is concernedshe has almond shaped green eyes, an upturned little nose, full, sensual lips, and a thick mane of chestnut hair, featuring long willowy bangs, which are always carefully arranged so that they sweep across her face, obscuring her left eye from view.

This styling choice adds a mysterious and alluring quality to her appearance, but costs her fifty percent of normal vision.

If somehow Jamie doesnt get to you as she's walking towards you, shell certainly get to you as she's walking away.

And as far as any physical imperfections are concerned, there are very few.

How they should style their hair, what clothes they should wear, who they should date, where they should go to get the best hamburgers–No, I only asked because, lets face it, there arent many straight guys whod come in here and order take-out. You see, when I was in college I was dating this girl named, Danielle, and one night while we were eating dinner at this wonderful Chinese restaurant near campus called the Double Dragon, she was telling me a story about her childhood, which was a bit of an unhappy one because her Dad was a real womanizer, and I guess my focus must have been on something else, and she got really angry at me and said, You know why this relationship is dying, Andy? Excuse me Jamie, I realize its a bit slow today He angled his bulging eyes towards me and confided, Monday lunches are notoriously slow, then turned back to Jamie and said, but I always like to warn our girls against inviting their boyfriends to stop by to–My eyes darted tensely around the corners of the restaurant, registering the appraising looks on the faces of customers, who had momentarily taken their eyes off of a prancing pair of legs or a jiggling pair of breasts in order to get a good look at the guy, wearing tortoiseshell glasses, who had come into Hooters to order take-out. I dont think they would have hired me to manage this place unless I was the type of guy who would walk in here and order take-out.

A hazard she doesnt like to admit could be life threatening.

I think you look very exotic with your hair like that, I told her once, as we were driving down Sunset Boulevard in her lime green Bug, ten miles per hour over the speed limit, But isnt it a little dangerous to drive using only one eye?

Most of the girls working at Hooters want to break into the entertainment industry in one capacity or another.

You should see how aggressively they behave when the buzz gets around the restaurant that such and such a producer is sitting at such and such a table.Another awkward silence followed our harmonic laugh, during which time I tried to find the courage to walk through the open doorway leading to a happier tomorrow.

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