Tiffany thornton dating

07-Nov-2017 21:32

In "Sonny and the Studio Brat", Tawni said that because Nico and Grady wore cheese pants in media, they never get invited to any Hollywood parties.Tawni decided to use the scene from the sketch "The Basement" to take some pictures of her, Nico, and Grady while dancing, which would make it look like they were at an exclusive club called "The Basement".In later episodes, they have starting to hang out more like friends. In "Sketchy Beginnings", Sonny gave her a stuffed animal as a gift to try to make peace, but Tawni shredded it.Later, Sonny accidentally destroyed Tawni's stuffed animal Puddy Two-Shoes in the paper shredder as well.In "Chad Without a Chance" it is revealed that Sonny breaks up with her boyfriends because she is gentler than Tawni.

She is likely to come through for her fellow cast members in a real time of need, though.

They only rehearsed it once, and then it got dropped from the show to be replaced by Sonny's "Bumbling Bees/ Siss-Boom-Buzz" sketch.

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