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Yet Jesus was there, the whole time, inviting me back to him, inviting me to allow him to heal this dark part of my heart.I was allowing myself to die spiritually, suffocating myself with this sin.He has been putting his hands down his pants while in the classroom.It appears that he is masturbating and I am not quite sure how to handle this…any ideas?I’ve never admitted this sin to anyone and seen them shudder or scoff — anyone I’ve shared this with has always responded with love and understanding.The sin of masturbation is a temporary and flawed response to the desire for infinite love that we all have in our hearts.I can’t tell you exactly why I started, but as a young teenage girl, I found myself habitually masturbating.

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And the shock and disgust that I anticipated from all the priests I’ve ever confessed this to was replaced by compassion and understanding.

Furthermore, I received the fullness of God’s mercy and he made that dark part of my heart new again — I had been brought back to spiritual life — I could breathe again.

What’s more is that the grace I received from the sacrament of Reconciliation gave me strength that I didn’t have on my own.

Gradually, I began to understand that, if I wanted a true relationship with our Lord and if I wanted to overcome this sin, I was going to have to ask for His help and receive His grace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

It’s not easy to admit to masturbation to priests in Confession; it is not easy to name this sin; it was not easy to estimate the amount of times I’d committed it.I even made a promise to God that I would stop if He helped me — but that was a promise that I failed to keep.

At the end of the day, we have a lottery drawing with the daily distraction tickets and the winner gets a special prize from me.” Keep your composure while dealing with students, because disruptive students will look for any opening to create chaos. Try to understand where the student is coming from, but don’t add more fuel to the fire by adding a quick jab at the end. "Remember you were once a child."What I am finding troubling is how the educational system has slackened way down on parental and student accountability and how it has manuevered itself into the role of parental authority.… continue reading »

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