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12-Jul-2017 01:36

One night, I discuss with my wife, “A” who is in her mid 40s, 5’11” tall, blonde hair and blue eyes, natural 42D, a few extra pounds (who doesn’t have that?

) ….about our “long term goals”….(something to get her interested).“how we need to meet with this couple, just a few minutes at our house”…to discuss them openly.

(My wife just doesn’t warm up to strangers nor participates much in discussions).

Well, with my prodding, she reluctantly accepts and the couple arrive – a younger couple, say mid 30s but a lot like us – clean cut and easy going. What she doesn’t know is that one of them is a skilled and master hypnotist – very well learned at the art of conversation hypnosis and conversation hypnosis – how to get a woman to drop ALL her inhibitions and DUMP all her hang ups and be TOTALLY open minded and kinky!!!

I want to see my wife hypnotized and WANT BADLY to have her transformed – to spice up our sexual activities!

So much so, that I would absolutely love a fantasy such as this, to actually happen!

The other couple strips as do I and we depart for the bedroom….I lay down on the bed on my back and my wife is helped onto the bed and ordered to sit on my face.