Wisconsin ethnic dating error updating certifier id lotus notes

08-Aug-2017 05:33

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may i become a catholic while dating a married man

In Wisconsin, you can always go Up Nort’ – until you get to Lake Superior.

This phrase enters my conversations multiple times a day.

No offense, but that’s probably where I’ve heard it the most!

The nice waitress comes up to the table and says “what can I get for yous guys today? Well, so are you when you ask for a “brat” instead of bratwurst for “supper”.

I’ve always said bag like “bay-g”, and I’ve been in a few in depth discussions about it with non-Wisconsinites.

At least we don’t call it a “sack” like people from the southern U. When you hear Wisconsin folks ask you for a favor and then add “real quick” or “really quick” to the end of it, we aren’t talking about speed.

However, most of us pronounce it like Wuh-Skaaaahn-sin.I’m guilty of this one for sure, and I didn’t really even know that people elsewhere say traffic lights!

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