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After WWII, commercial users, such as the airports and coastal stations, did continue using their AR-88LFs for sometime.

Eventually, most of the receivers have made it to the Canadian government surplus sales and many were available though other Canadian surplus outlets.

In 1945, RCA replaced the AR-88 with the CR-88 which placed the Crystal Phasing control on the front panel and reduced the size of the RF Gain and AF Gain control knobs so all three controls would fit just below the tuning dial.

The CR-88A replaced the AR-88F in the diversity receivers.

AR-88s survive in Russia because a large quantity were sent over as part of Lend-Lease in the later part of WWII (after the USSR became an Ally.) The receivers were used for both surveillance and communications during the war.

After the war ended, it is assumed that none were returned and it's unlikely that any were destroyed.

Some sources even indicate that RCA had made it clear they did not want to see the receivers back in the USA for any reason.

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The CR-88 receivers were the workhorses for Radiomarine Corp.

By the end of WWII, it certainly seemed like tens of thousands of AR-88 receivers had been shipped overseas to our allies.