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24-Sep-2017 01:04

By the way, if you never complete the first task and so you do not mark it complete, the old instance of the task remains alone on into the future (you don’t end up with two identical tasks come next Friday).

You can experiment with this behavior in an unfiltered task list (like the Simple List view in the Tasks folder).

When you click the Recurrence button you are next given some choices.

And this is where it gets interesting because there are a lot of recurrence options, particularly in Windows Outlook, and they can be confusing.

When you save it, you can tell that task is recurring in your task list because the task icon changes to add a tiny double arrow in a circle.

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Choosing Recurrence Options in Windows When you click the Recurrence button in Windows, the following Task Recurrence dialog box opens in Windows: This dialog defaults to a weekly Recurrence pattern (see the upper left corner).

The MYN Outlook system, as you may know, focuses on the start date of tasks, not the due date.

If you create new recurring tasks (created with a start date) all is fine.

But if you already have recurring tasks in your Outlook system that are based on due dates (or have no dates), they do not work with MYN Outlook configurations.

And if you want to convert them to being start-date tasks, you need to delete and reenter those tasks as start-date based tasks. And don’t just try to edit them by adding the start date—that won’t work either.

If you create a weekly scheduled recurring task there and then mark it complete (or delete its instance), you’ll immediately see another task appear there, with the date set ahead to the next week.

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