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We’re really here to see Nick Cave’s new band, Grinderman (who didn’t win a Mojo Award), a stripped down version of the Bad Seeds featuring Cave, Warren Ellis on violin and guitar, Martyn Casey on bass and the pink suited Jim Sclavunos on his pink drum kit.Now you might think that in these days of ‘unplugged’ and ‘acoustics sessions’ that this would mean a gentle and reflective version of the Bad Seeds, full of tender violin and piano.More obvious peat after a moment but maybe still a little less complexity than in the 1958. Very unusual and maybe not too enjoyable I’m afraid, even if all that settles down after quite some time and gets more classical (quite some lemon).Finish: rather long, oaky but not excessively tannic and quite resinous. But there’s always these notes of metal polish, and even iron and motor oil (old car’s engine). Then it’s these slightly metallic notes that strike back, the whole getting a little cardboardy.Whether by design or coincidence we have two Mojo Awards winners on stage before the main event.Whiskyfun favourite Seasick Steve begins his set in typical style by strolling through the still half-empty stalls playing bottleneck on his bashed up acoustic guitar before climbing to the stage.

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Maybe a little more bergamots and kumquats, even if you have to wait a bit before ‘the cavalry arrives’. Nose: ah, this is clearly different now, starting on the same notes of metal polish as the 1966, only much bolder and even dominant. Then it starts to smell just like over-grilled beef, with also a little mint and fresh parsley.We do have the tangerines and these whiffs of wet stones plus that slight farminess again, but it all gets more lemony, citrusy after a while.