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03-Jul-2017 06:43

Typically, these people also met very young and dated several years (or more) before taking that next step into marriage.In your 20s, you may not feel the same urgency regarding your relationship status. You discuss the future, you share your hopes, dreams, and plans for the future with one another. Some people meet, fall in love, and get engaged quickly. No two are the same and every couple’s story is different.Look up the statistics and you’ll find a trend of people waiting longer and longer to both get married and start families. And, it’s not to say some young people want to wait, either.When you’re young, you feel like time is limitless and you can squander it all you want. Set a limit on how long you’re willing to patiently wait? Maybe you want to be young, hip parents, so marriage and children are on the brain sooner.Besides, who wants to force someone into being with them? However, it should also be noted that no one should have to sacrifice what they truly want by waiting too long.If marriage and family is important to you, then have that conversation with your partner up front.

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I also have two friends who dated each other for ten years — live together and the relationship disintegrated.

Now they are both happily married to other people, one has a child and the other a baby on the way.

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