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The Onkelos translation of the Bible (see *Targum ) also seems to belong to this period, as does the language of most of those scrolls from the *Dead Sea Scrolls written in Aramaic.

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(The double dagger indicates a reconstructed form.) (See Table: Paradigm of Strong Verb.) In the pronoun there is the tendency to exchange the final ם for ן (cf. The demonstrative pronoun of proximity is דְּנָא (masc.), דּא (fem.), אֵלֵּ(י)ן, אֵלֶּה, אֵל (plur.).To stress the main characteristics of Official and Ancient Aramaic as they manifested themselves through the history of the language and in the countries in which they were current, a comparative study of some aspects of Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic is necessary.

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