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Police roadblocks are quite common especially when the King is nearby.

Approach them respectfully and make conversation and they will probably help you get a ride.

Most people will not want payment, but it can be hard to avoid the interest of grand taxis (who will definitely want payment).

Hitchhiking is done by waving one's index finger, but the thumb will often be understood as well.

In small towns where it is sometimes difficult to find people who speak French, police officers (who always speak French) are invaluable aides for finding hotels, hammams, roads out of town etc.

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French is a common language of business and among educated people and in major cities will be almost universally understood. The major Berber languages are fascinating but the effort required to learn them is probably too great for a casual tourist.

At a minimum you should have basic competence in French as most drivers will understand it even if in rural areas they might speak just local languages.

It's not anyway too hard to make yourself understood (especially with a map) but expect they to drop you off nearby some bus or taxi station because they might not understand you want to go all the way by thumb.

The first time you see one you'll probably stop it not understand its a bus..

they're anyway nice and if you explain you don't have money (something like "makeneis fluss" in Arabic) they'll either go away without any complaints or maybe give you a free ride.

Hotels are required to see your passport and most will want to hold it until they make a photocopy.