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There was still the semiannual roundup when cowboys representing several ranches rendezvoused and rode great circles, rounding up all the cattle they could find.

They were then herded to a central place where cowboys from each ranch cut out its beasts and drove them back to the home range.

Later trails headed on north to Ogallala, Cheyenne, Glendive, and Miles City.

By 1886 the open-range cattle business had spread throughout the Great Plains and had merged with earlier cattle enterprises in Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California.

Originally the collarless shirt and trousers were nondescript, of flannel or wool.

A vest was often worn; it gave some protection from cold winds and also had a number of useful pockets, one of which held Bull Durham tobacco and cigarette papers.

There cattle grew wild with few natural enemies; by the end of the Civil War there were an estimated 5 million of them.It was then that the cowboy entered his twenty-year golden age, 1866-1886, the era of the open range and the great cattle drives.The incentive was the high price of beef up North, where Union armies had exhausted the supply and the urbanizing East provided a ready market.The boots with heels two inches high, the better to rest in the stirrups or dig into the ground while roping a calf, may have appeared exotic to a dude, but they were absolutely practical.

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The stock saddle’s design traced all the way back to the Moors of North Africa, having come to the American cowboy by way of the Spanish and Mexicans.Glorified in thousands of novels and hundreds of motion pictures, the American cowboy is so mythologized that the reality and the legend are almost inseparable.