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Such an allegation cannot stand before law,” the lawyer told He said this could be the reason why the government went back on its decision to register cases against Chandy and others.

The original decision was taken on the basis of the legal advice given by the advocate general and Director General of Prosecution.

However, Chandy's name figured prominently in the letter which was included in the report, with the allegation that he had oral sex with Saritha several times in the chief minister’s official bungalow, Cliff House.

Denying the charge, Chandy said that he was ready to end his political career if there is even a shred of evidence to link him to the sexual allegation.

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The report on ‘solar scam’, which involved an educated couple, who duped nearly three dozen people of Rs 6.5 crore by offering 'alternative' solar solutions in early 2010s, has raised eyebrows in legal and political circles in the state.

The panel has reproduced what Saritha said without even considering her credibility, which was questioned at least by two high court judges and a magistrate before,” Shah said.

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Prisons chief Alexander Jacob, who read the letter before it was handed over to her advocate, testified before the commission that the name of the former chief minister had not figured in it.This was against the commission’s brief,” Chandy argued.He has questioned the genuineness of the letter itself.The former chief minister, who faces both graft and sexual abuse charges, said that the commission dragged many of his party men into the scam by going outside its terms of reference.“The commission was asked to look into the solar scam and allied financial transactions raised on the floor of the Assembly and outside.

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But it has virtually reproduced all the allegations contained in a letter purported to have been written by prime accused Saritha, and the statements she gave to the commission without verification.

It changed track after it got a second opinion from a retired Supreme Court judge, Justice Arijit Pasayat, who has reportedly ruled out the scope for pursuing the sexual abuse cases.

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